Healthy eating is about enjoying food whilst maintaining variety and balance. Our food choices directly affect how we feel and help define the trajectory of our future health. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean giving up all the foods we enjoy, but rather choosing to eat a little more of the good stuff.

A super morning leads to a super day, so start it off right with Weetabix. 100% wholegrain, vitamin & mineral packed breakfast to help start your day right.

Look for these useful icons on our packaging. They will help you identify why our products are great for you.

Let Weetabix Support
Your Healthy Eating Habits

Wholegrain wheat is packed with super nutrients and we cram 365 whole grains in every single Weetabix! This only leaves room for a little malt extract, a pinch of salt, a dash of sugar and a boosting splash of minerals and vitamins to get your day off to a super start. It takes just two every morning to start noticing the difference!